Monday, April 30, 2012

Swimsuits - 1961

For the summer of 1961, the maillot was still the most popular swimsuit style.  That's not to say these aren't sexy though!

The tag line on this ad is "The name on the tip of her tongue is Petti."  Rather a provocative image for a 1961 women's magazine, and that's a rather provocative swimsuit!  Petti of Encino offered this cotton sharkskin suit in junior sizes.  The front lacing is adjustable and the suit had an inner bra.  Suit sold in 1961 for $17 (about $132 in today's dollar.)

Nothing mellow about this yellow!  Jantzen used a textured knit of rayon, nylon, Orlon and cotton for this bright maillot.  Suit sold in 1961 for $34.95 (about $268 in today's dollar.)

In an ode to la marinière, Catalina offered several colorful options of the classic white stripes.  Designed by Edith Stenbeck of Catalina in Helanca nylon and spandex knit.  Bathing caps were made in matching colors for Catalina by US Rubber.  Suit sold in 1961 for $23.95 (about $184 in today's dollar.)

Stripes are worked in the opposite direction in this high necked swimsuit by Jacques Heim.  I'll bet you anything the back plunges pretty low, though!


Erin said...

I really like that last one.

Fifties Darling said...

Ah pretty! Reminds me of my 50s swimsuit:

Cool pictures as well!

Glamoursurf said...

Love that Jacques Heim neckline!!!

Dina said...

That first one is amazing!!! I love the print, the lacing, and the zig-zag details on the top. Just fab-u-lous!!
I think one-piece-suits can be every bit as sexy as a two piece...sometimes more. There's something to be said for leaving a bit to the imagination, you know?

stephanie / those tricks said...

Love that first suit and look on the model.
Imma tweet it with a link back.

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