Friday, March 02, 2012

Silver Swimsuits - 1966

I've shown you before how popular silver was in 1966.  Here, this shimmering color even goes to the beach.

Photo by Henry Clarke for US Vogue.
Silver maillot by Silvia de Gay for Robert Sloan made of metal coated Dupont nylon.  Suit sold for $35 in 1966 (about $245 in today's dollar.) 

Photo by Bert Stern for US Vogue.
Cole of California silver swimsuit with a cowl neckline.  The cutaway sides and back are filled with nude fishnet.  Made of Dupont nylon and mylar.  This beauty also came in gold. 


Joyness Sparkles said...

I can't say as I like either one, I was not a huge fan of the 60's style or silver. However, the one on the bottom reminds me of something one of my Barbies had as a kid.

French Press VINTAGE said...

I feel like if the sun was shining on your silver suit, you'd blind everyone in your wake! maybe I should invest in a silver suit...haha! ;-)

Mary said...

I love the look of both of those, but somehow neither seems practical. But very chic, yes! :) The seem sort of space-agish..

NS Railfans said...

Love them, what Vogue issue(date) did the bottom one with mesh come from? I'd love to have a copy for myself. Thanks for posting these!

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