Monday, August 02, 2010

Copy or Inspiration?

When I came across this Liliane Romi white evening gown in a magazine from 1987, my immediate thought was, "I've seen that dress before." And I knew exactly where. The image at the left, by George Hoyningen-Huene was featured on my blog back in February of 2009. He photographed the white gown for Bergdorf Goodman in 1940.

My question is, where do you draw the line between a design being a copy or simply an inspiration? Romi had to have been staring right at this Hoyningen-Huene image when she designed these gowns in 1987. And, while they're not line for line copies, they surely are close. I wouldn't call her work original.....

....would you?


Garnet said...

The three dresses you've posted are very similar indeed, but I wouldn't say that the last two are copies.

So little is actually new or original in fashion that a long, white column dress with sparkly embellishment is sure to crop up organically at some point. Of course these dresses could have been directly inspired by the original, as well, but I think that they're just that--inspired.

(Wow, I'm really chatty today!)

Love your blog each and every day,

puddin said...

Are all retro fashions inspired or original? Who can say? (Isn't that a song title?)

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Good point, but who's to say the Hoyningen-Huene dress wasn't copied or inspired by something made even earlier? After all, there are centuries of fashion to be inspired by. I think it's a tough call to say the least. In order to be a good fashion designer, you need to be aware of all the other designs that have come before you, so I'm sure subconsciously, you "copy" things you have seen before. Great post! :)

Julie said...

I think the first dress is inspiration for the designer. She mimicked the wide shoulders, cinched in waist, hip-hugging skirt with flared skirt bottom. The differences are where she placed some of the design details (solid front, gathered skirt to the back, and the pelvis designs are much more the "wow" factor of the dress. I personally like the 1940's dress better. I was never a fan of 1980's fashion. Isn't there a quote by Chanel about there is no fashion without some copying?

Anonymous said...

non ce n'était pas une copie, des idées peuvent se retrouver.
nombre de modéles peuvent se retrouver dans le temps avec des inspirations multiples.

voir Histoire du Costume en occident

bien à vous

Roman Gueret

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