Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Vintage Coats - 1936

Judging by early sales of vintage coats from my website, you all are starting to think about the coat you'll buy for this winter. Today, and for the next several Wednesdays, I'll be presenting a look at vintage coats through the decades.

In the 1930's, garments were long (at least to mid-calf), lean, and fitted to the body. Fur trim was found on most fashionable coats of the time, and almost all were belted. Here are a few looks from 1936. Note the fun hats and the clutch purses.

This red tweed knee length jacket is worn over a matching skirt, so this is a suit jacket, not a coat, but could be worn as one today. Persian lamb fur at the collar. A Macy's copy of the Molyneux original, the suit sold for $60 in 1936 (about $921 in today's dollar).

Sable-dyed skunk fur swirls around the collar and across and down to the hem on this Forstmann wool coat. Sold at Arnold Constable for $98 in 1936 (about $1503 in today's dollar).

Sheared beaver fur forms a squared off collar on this Alpaca wool coat. Sold at McCreery for $65 in 1936 (about $997 in today's dollar).

Grey squirrel fur forms a double collar and the pelts form a chevron pattern on the front of this coat. The fur front forms a muff below the belt. Sold at Emily Shops for $65 in 1936 (about $997 in today's dollar).

Cross fox fur wraps close to the face, or the ends can be pulled down and tucked to form muff pockets. Sold at Betty Wales for $66 in 1936 (about $1012 in today's dollar).


casey said...

How fun--I'm looking forward to your look at coats through the decades. :)

I really adore 1930s coats; the styles are just so dramatic and theatrical. The big collars, asymmetrical closures, gorgeous furs... Lovely!

Belle de Ville said...

Oh those are so wonderful, especially that sable dyed skunk!
Thank you for posting the original prices and prices in today's dollars.

Sal said...

I have to admit it: I'm a sucker for fur trim. That second coat is divine.

Wearing History said...

What a GREAT post. Thanks so much for converting it to modern dollars! It's quite interesting to see- I think most have the assumption that things were "cheaper" back then, but it's all relevant! I wish I could find one of these hidden away.
Best wishes!

Sue-Z said...

Is anyone familiar with the brand Rosewin? My grandmother has a coat that looks like it came from the era 1930's. It is a long fur coat,knee length. It has a fur collar,fur cuffs,fur around the bottom and is tight fitting. It looks brand new. It is just beautiful. She was 94 when she died last month and left it to me. It is so precious to me. I was just wondering.

Mike Rose said...

I am familiar with the brand Rosewin. That was my Grandfather's company.
Rosewin I believe opened in 1942 in Kansas City and closed about 1986.
The coat you speak that you think is from the 1930's could be as my Great Grandfather had his company in Minnesota around 1920 and did do some couture for my Grandad with the Rosewin label. I think if it was from Minnesota,it would be labeled Edwin S Rose co. The coat you have most likely from the early 40's.

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